The Service Return And Pressure Situations (Video)

Here is another tip that we created for the 3.5 level.  We combined some of the tactics and strategies from two of our doubles clips, “ Moving Forward Through The Service Return” and “Lob The Server”, with the purpose of taking a deeper look into the viewpoint of the receiver.  So how do you return under pressure?  What’s in your service return??  Do you go for it?  Do you just get it back and play it safe?

Here’s the scenario:
You’re playing a match and you finally get a break point.  The pressure’s on and now’s the time to do a good job and make a good return. You get centered and balanced with your feet solid on the ground.  You wind up, you step into the return and Whack!!  … it hits the top of the net!  What happened?   Well, for some reason it seems the tighter the situation, the less the feet want to move.  It’s part of Human Nature.  The body quiets itself, digs in, and it doesn’t move to make sure the ball get’s over the net to start the point!  Ouch!  In this segment we will look at the keys on how to change that.

We’ll also take a look from the receiver’s point of view,  how to deal with a server who has a good serve and mean ground strokes making it tough to get an advantage in the point!  This is a tactic you can use to change all that!

Here we go!




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    Two great tips. I resemble both of those errors, and appreciate such straightforward, applicable advice.

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    Darcy Ratner Says:

    OMG! I dumped my service return in the net just like that this morning on a second serve that I wanted to kill. Guess I didn’t find the balance like Trish does! Great tip…

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    I love your videos! So helpful and entertaining!

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    Megan – thanks for the comment and glad you liked the video. Feel free to email me if you ever have questions about your game 🙂


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