Volleys-What’s In Your Footwork?(Video)

So how do you move when you hit a volley? What’s in your footwork?? Do you run right through it? Do you stop get set and step in? Do you wait for the ball to come to you? OK, we’re gonna have some fun with this! I’m going to demonstrate some of the common errors that players make when they volley…. Yeah, you’re gonna love watchin this!! Then after that, we’ll put together a format to make sure these things don’t happen to you! Here we go!




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    Alan – One of the best Clever Tips yet. This is great information presented in a way that all of us can learn from. Thanks!

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    Darcy Ratner Says:

    Great dancing, Alan! You forgot to say cha, cha cha!

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    Great footwork, Alan. I bet you learned to volley like that while on the Stanford tennis team. Volley drill was excellent, as usual. Keep up the good work.

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    Hey Alan! Love these clips! This one is great. Just went thru a drill the other night at Cardio Tennis on volleys:moving up to the net and back focusing on balance, quick steps and timing. Clever Tennis is GREAT!


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