Go Ahead And Poach! (Video)

Video shot in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit, Mexico.

 Poaching? Whoa…!!!
Generally speaking, in a normal point there’s a rally and someone either hits a winner or more likely makes an error.  Basically there isn’t much emotion, it’s just a point played.  But at the 3.5 level …  poaching and making an error?… whoa! That stirs the pot and brings up drama! All of a sudden those insecurities show up. Ohhh! How’d I miss that!!  I don’t believe it! I shouldn’t have done that!!  My partner’s probably upset!! Watch the video and see the viewpoints from both the net man and the receiver.




  1. avatar nav-left

    I love the poaching video. I have a match Monday and again on Tuesday. I am going to poach away. 🙂

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    Michele Says:

    Great video Alan. Well produced … and well acted.

  3. avatar nav-left

    Great video, Alan! I have a doubles match tomorrow and I can’t wait to get into the returner’s head and then smash a volley at their partner… 🙂

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    Mike Dikas Says:

    Great stuff from Coach Alan as always…follow-on topics: where to serve to maximize poaching effectiveness; how to handle the lob returner; what to do when the opponents get tired of your great poaching and play two-back? Cheers.


  5. avatar nav-left

    Great point on attitude for the net man! Going to try it and yes you are right, It’s just one point!

    Keep em coming!



  6. avatar nav-left

    Great perspective Alan … sending it to some of my students!

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    Hilary Leuteneker Says:

    One of my strengths is poaching and net play and I can’t agree more in that I feel really bad when I miss a poach. But, after hearing and seeing your vidoe, I am more confident in my play and realize my partners appreciate as well in the big picture. Thanks!

  8. avatar nav-left

    Alan always has good advice, great video. Well worth practicing. It is a mental game.

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    BJohnson Says:

    Thats a good one Alan, I won’t feel so guilty when I miss a poach.
    I’m going to be confident and keep moving at the net.
    Thank you

  10. avatar nav-left

    Alan…Great tennis thoughts and examples for us “older” people who need all the help we can get. Thanks again, “old timer”!!!!
    Earl Nielsen


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