Moving Forward Through The Service Return (Video)

(Video shot in Sun Valley, Idaho)… Many times at the 3.5 level I’ve noticed a common error that happens in doubles when a player is returning a second serve in a pressure situation.  The tighter the match, the more chances of it happening.

The score is 4-5, 30-40, and you are the receiver.  The server misses her first serve and you and your partner have a set point with a second serve coming! And your thinking “Great!, second serve, stay cool, make a good return, keep it away from the net man.” You wind up, you step into the return and Whack!!, it hits the top of the net!  Now your thinking, “Why did I hit the !@#$%  tape?” I will tell you why … watch this video:

The CleverTennis Tip:

The common error here is: the receiver steps into the return and leans forward, dropping her shoulders and causing the racket to face downward. All of this — the result of leaving the back foot behind!

To correct this: step in to the ball at contact and bring your back foot forward through your shot as part of your follow through. This will keep you centered and your shoulders upright allowing you to stay balanced through the whole return.  Check out the video and thanks for posting your comments!

Coach Alan




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    Love the Sun Valley tip, the vids are very well done….and helpful!!!

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    Dave the Wave Says:

    Great tip Alan! Keep those service return suggestions coming. Such a key part of the game, but often overlooked. thanks


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