Service Return Shift! (Video)

Video shot at the CleverTennis NorthStar Getaway at Lake Tahoe.

This is a great doubles tactic you can use when you’re returning serve. Here’s the scenario. You’re receiving serve in the deuce court and you’ve go an active net man in front of you who moves well and is quick at cutting off your return. So you tell your partner, “If I get a second serve, I’m going down the alley, move to my side and take the shot.

As the ball is returned, the receiver’s partner shifts over in front of the net man and volleys the shot as the receiver crosses behind him. If the net man volleys cross court, the receiver, who has crossed behind can cover the shot.

This is a great surprise tactic to use. The net man is aggressive and expecting to move out to hit a forehand volley. I guarantee he’s not thinking, “Bring me a backhand volley!” So the volley he hits will be reflexed back and the odds are it’ll either be short or volleyed up – and the receiver’s partner is there to cover it.

Try out this tactic in your next practice match. Smack that second serve down the line and have your partner move over and take the next shot. Rumor has it it’s a game. Create some fun!

Thanks and good luck in your matches!



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