CleverTennis Moment: Don’t Burn Your Partner!(Video)

And you volleyed cross court???




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    Great strategy! I’ll do the same on ad side. I’m an ad player. Thanks!

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    Excellent Anna! It works on both sides.

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    John Burns Says:

    Hi Alan,

    I love the play, the points you showed and the brevity of the video.

    This was a volley above the net. My question is this: If the crosscourt player hits a dipping shot that the volleyer has to hit from below the tape, would you still go down the line, or would you want to go back crosscourt?

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    Hey John,

    Thanks for the great question and I appreciate that you are a student of the “game”.

    If the crosscourt player hits a dipping shot that is wide and below the tape, the volleyer is now forced to hit up. You, the volleyer, are now in a defensive position. Volleying to the alley is not the best choice since the net is higher there and the net man is naturally looking for the ball to be hit up.

    Again I remind you that everything is situational – with that being said, at the 3.5 to 4.0 level you’re going to volley back cross court away from the net man in front of you and attempt to get some depth. In this situation, as shown in the video, your opponent is still on the baseline.

    Since the ball was low and you’ve hit up above the net and away from the net man, your partner has a nano-second of time to move back over to cover the alley and stay in front of the ball.

    Moving up levels…and I can hear my 4.5 students talking – you’re going to take that dipping cross court shot that’s hit wide and low to the alley and drop it back short and cross court. You’re opponent’s still deep on the service line and your partner has time to move over and stay in front of the ball in case it’s returned.

    Thanks for the fun and good luck in your matches!

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    Yeah – great strategy – now I just have to do it and fast!


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