Netman’s Position (Video)

Here’s a useful doubles tennis tactic for those of you who love to play offensively at the net when your partner’s serving, but often find your opponents lobbing over you to neutralize play.

Yes, you Mr. Netman. Your opponents are lobbing and have neutralized and taken away your aggressive net game.  You’re not having any fun now.  Yup, you can read the sign, “no poaching and no cutting off the return”.  They lob, lob, lob you to death!  Don’t you just hate that?!!

Well we can change that.  Check out the video:

The CleverTennis tip:

1) Start a few steps back, close to the service line so your opponent notices your new position.

2) The ball is now served and bounces in the service box.  At this point the receiver is not looking at you any more, but watching the ball closely to hit a cross court return.

3) Just before the ball bounces, you’re going to quickly move forward, split-step and then get back doing what you love to do. Cutting off the service return.  Yes!!  ( and now you say, “I’m back!” )

The human eye can pick up peripheral movement side to side, but it doesn’t pick up forward movement as easily.  Peripherally, your opponent will not easily see your position change as you move forward and closer to the net!  You are now back to being the offensive net man.  Yeah baby!

The Key: Practice on your timing of when to move forward and split-step.  If you move in too soon before the ball bounces, your opponent will see you, and if you move in too slowly, you won’t be in position to poach or cut off the return. Go try this and if you want to share your experience, let me know how it went.


Coach Alan




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    Great site! I’m going to have check out the rest of the tips.

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    Peggy Costello Says:

    Love the new website Alan! The video clips are very helpful. I think the server in the poaching clip should go pro!


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