Bounce Hit! (Video)

Here’s the picture:  You leave the office and get stuck in freeway traffic, or you pick the kids up from school, drop them off at home and you race to get to your match! “Don’t  be late!” you say to yourself.  You get to the club and run onto the court where your partner and opponents are warming up.  Your partner says “Wow! You just made it!” Three minutes later, you’re playing……are you ready to compete?




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    mike tarlton Says:


    just spend an hour on your webcite…going to play tomorrow and now I’ve got all the answers.


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    Phil Hurst Says:

    My wife found your videos last week after suffering an embarrassing loss to our favorite doubles opponents. We were unfocused and our timing was terrible. She and I have not played together yet since viewing many videos (no league play, just friendly matches), but I have played with friends and feel the videos have had a great effect, very positive results!

    Thank you Alan & Clever Tennis for helping my game.

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    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad your wife found CleverTennis and the videos have been helping. When warming up, or should doubt ever enter your “game space” – BOUNCE HIT!!!

    Good luck on the courts!


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